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Roy View rebukes Avokado

Celebrated fashion designer Roy View who also sings at times has openly criticised Avokado over his insensitivity.

Avokado posted a screenshot from one of his fans who used to hate him during the Martse Vs Avokado beef. In the screenshot, the fan admitted that the only reason he vibed with team Martse was because Royview snatched his girlfriend “Ruth” and Roy being a friend of Avokado he (the fan) had no choice but to support Martse. Roy was also accused of leaking the Vn’s between Avokado and Martse during their verbal war.

Despite, this being one of the worst beef in Malawian history, Roy was the grass that suffered during the Elephants fight. He was accused of escalating the beef and misleading Avokado who was still up and coming artist by then.

Roy’s main concern is how his image was affected by this beef and he wasn’t pleased when Avokado was seemingly trying to resurrect dead bones.

He also denied ever dating anyone called Ruth. He has since requested Avokado to delete this status to avoid a part 2 of the worst diss in Malawian history.


Harvey Mzati

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