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2013 is marked as the year the first ever CHANCO cypher was conceived. It is said that the cypher was made up only of a line up of artists from 1st and 2nd year classes. Since that time, cyphers have been coming out of the corridors of Chirunga over the years. The most recent being ‘The Comeback Cypher’.

The Comeback Cypher was released in 2019, after a long year hiatus. In 2017, a cypher was recorded in Matawale at Terminals Lab, only not to be realesed by reasons which remains blurred to today.

In the same year, a similar project dubbed ‘The Chanco Medley’ was the only music project which carried the Chanco flag in Malawi and it was a success. Ofcourse that project had nothing to do with the ENTERCOM of the time and surprisingly, artists who started this were all 1st or 2nd year classes as well. The rest what happened to the Chanco Medley its a story for another day.

From this background, you can see why the cypher was named ‘The Comeback’. If you have ever watched or listened to this cypher, you might agree with me that ‘The Comeback Cypher” is not just good but arguably stuck in the top two of the best cyphers from Universities so far (credit to the ENTERCOM who organised this). This cypher was spiced with all kinds of ingredients to make it appetising to the viewers.

The line up of artists selected through fair and credible auditions showed why they were the choosen people.

The cypher had the likes of well known Rapper Slessor who showed everyone a beast he can be when in the booth, but this cypher was not a one rapper show, Basecube was also in his best self showing his bilingual rap prowess.

The beat Dkez Walker gave life to was killed with no mercy by everyone, even the female rappers did not dissapoint.

As i am writting this, a year has clocked since the cypher was released and it surprises me that in just a year people have forgotten about this cypher. Nobody talks about this Comeback from Chanco MC’s anymore. It just made a buzz for a moment then shush.

In 2015 The Victory Poly cypher was released, today in 2020 people still talk about it like it was released just yesterday. I am sure the Comeback Cypher was as good as the Victory Cypher. is it not? If this is true, then why is this the case for this cypher? Should we say that maybe it was not just promoted well, because it did not even make it on a public television despite its video being of high quality or maybe the era of cyphers is over, people lost the vibe to listen to bars from these projects? Maybe its the time these two cyphers were released which is really the difference.

Different people can have different views on why this cypher, although good but it did not leave the impact it deserves. But one thing i am sure of is that this cypher is one of the best and deserves respect in the game. The Comeback was a major comeback.

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