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Some Iconic Hip-hop Feuds (Beef) in Malawi History

Some Iconic Hip-hop Feuds (Beef) in Malawi History.

1. Jolly Bro Vs Phyzix No cap this tops our list. It had everything. Rap is a contact sport and the guys roughed each other up. It was big like the Vybz Vs Mavado

2. JB and Fredo Vs Tay, Hyphen, Phyzo. A sequel of the JB Vs Phyzo. Hyphen didn’t respond much. Tay responded with all the way ft Sonye

3. Gwamba Vs Slessor… That “uli ndi ma fan awiri ngati kuchipinda kwanga” humbled Slessor

4. Genni Black Vs Third Eye. Probably the most lyrical diss the country has ever seen.

5. Gud Fly and Slessor Vs Young Kay. When Slessor was still an upcoming Mzuzu rookie they went guns blazing in their bekechu diss track. Hyphen never responded6. Martse Vs Fredo. Dadada and Adidas speak for themselves

7. David Kalirani Vs C scripture. Kalirani rapped about C scriptures mental issues.. C scripture didn’t take it well and tore apart the pastor.

8. Kananji Vs Third Eye. Beef ya ana a high school. Popular pa Twitter. Ghetto sinamvele kwenikweni but the diss tracks were dope.

9. Trap Squad Vs K2B Block. Eeeh Iyiyi inachema mpaka Judagaga retired. Ati a Volver aziona nkhope zoonesa kugulu. Career ya Hypa inathelanso pompa after he claimed to be King of BTown and LL.

10. Avokado Vs Martse. Avokado dropped four diss tracks. Martse responded with a single line. “Sindingayenkhe beef yochokela kwa ma peyala ngati chitsiru.”

11. Born Chris Vs Queen Bee… Iyiyi inakathela Ku Police. A born Chris anamangidwa for defamation.

12 . Waxy Kay Vs Guntolah. Beef yokanganilana ufumu wa machinjiri

13. Phyzo Vs Fredo. Beef ya ufumu wa ghetto.

14. Gwamba, Krazie G Vs Dizzo. Iyiyi nso inachema Mesa and break a few hearts are iconic diss tracks.

15. Mabilinganya Vs Archaida Universe.16. Lomwe Vs Tay.. the nyau killer dedicated a whole mixtape to dissing the Nyau King..

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