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Third Eye Shades “Gwamba, Lulu”-Labels them ‘local’

3rd Eye

Veteran rapper Mandela Mwanza who styles himself as Third Eye has thrown shade at some Malawian artists by labeling them as too local to break the international market.

Third Eye’s sentiments were made on a tweet that the current Minister of Information , Gospel Kazako made.

The tweet by Gospel read as follows:

Lulu, Eli Njuchi, Dr Nyirongo, Lawi, Lucius Banda,Nepman, Gwamba might become our tobacco,cotton and soya if we pay attention to international talent demands and trends.That’s me and my choices. Otherwise I enjoy all the music from Malawi including by Mayi Elita Kabefu

This did not sit well with Third Eye who spat a venomous response:

Bola talk about Zani Chale who is collaborating with international musicians of note, Hazel Mak who wins international awards, Faith Mussa who has performed at GLASTONBURY, Erik Paliani who produced for HUGH MASEKELA and toured the World. You sound misinformed Hon Minister lol’

Third Eye further claimed that some artists live outside Malawi but arent known by anyone there.

And honestly speaking the only one on that list who can make impact internationally is Eli Njuchi. Otherwise the rest are local vibes. Some of them live outside Malawi but nobody knows them there lol

Third Eye is no stranger to controversy.

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