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Tigris ropes in Tay Grin on heart surgery fundraiser

Celebrated songbird Angela Tigris Mizinga has recently released a single titled “Been A While” featuring award winning rapper Tay Grin.

“Been A While” is a fundraiser for Tigris’ 13 year old third cousin’s heart surgery which is required as soon as possible as she has a swollen heart.

Tigris explains, “The hospital, Kamuzu Central, will cover costs for flights and the surgery in India.

“But, we need to raise for her and her mother’s express passports, visas and other expenses while in India. For this, the song shall be ‘sold’ per download where anyone who feels like helping with the fundraiser shall ‘buy/donate’ at any amount they feel they can help with from a minimum of at least K500.”

Meanwhile, Tigris has announced a new approach dubbed “Acoustics live on your porch” where people can donate a minimum of K100,000 as a group of 5 or less, or individual.

Tigris and her guitarist will come and perform live at a venue of your choice for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Tigris’ cousin is Caroline of Bango Village in Nathenje.

Caroline is the granddaughter of Tigris mother’s sister.

For more details or information, please contact either via email or call/WhatsApp Mrs Kambauwa on +265999125905 or the number +265990828881.

For those outside the country you can use any of the online transfers either World Remit, Moneygram or Western Union using the receiver name Angela Tigris Mizinga or Mrs Alinafe Kambauwa.

You may also use the following account details: Account 9100001935051, Standard Bank, Mrs Alinafe Kambauwa, Lilongwe branch.


Harold Kapindu

Harold Kapindu is an award winning online arts and entertainment journalist based in Lilongwe, Malawi. He has previously worked with Malawi News Agency and Timveni Child and Youth Organization. Contact

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