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Warner Chandie drops Nkhwantha

Mzuzu based upcoming rapper, Warner Chandie has released a new single titled “Nkhwantha”.

Dropped on Monday 5th October together with the video, the song pays homage to different people who have defied all olds to push and make an impact on global stage.

In an interview, Warner Chandie said “Nkhwantha” is a Tumbuka word for someone who stands for greatness.

“Nkhwantha is a person who always keeps the top spot in whatever he/she does. It’s a rewarding word like Ngwazi, Dolo, Shasha and the likes. Hence, the song commends people are great at whatever they do. Living legends,” Warner Chandie explained.

On the song, he raps about Mwawi Kumwenda and Gabadinho Mhango as examples of people who have made a great impact in Malawi.

Real name Wanangwa Nkhata Chandiona, Warner Chandie started music when he was 8 years old.

In 2017, he recorded his first song called “handfull” which was produced by Twiggy of Black Fame.

He said his art is inspired by the likes of Tupac and Kendrick Lamar on the international scene while locally he is inspired by Hyphen, Classic and Wambali Mkandawire.

Currently, Warner Chandie has worked on songs with Mzuzu based producers namely Chawa beats and Zelphie scheduled to be released soon.

Warner Chandie is signed to Beyond Music, an Entertainment Company that manages artists to realize greater potential within themselves and take their talents far beyond music.

Beyond Music cofounder Klimax said the label seeks to take arts and break limits.

“We just don’t manage artists, but also we work with them in different things like leadership, Entrepreneurship, Education and how to be good role models in the society. We believe artists have a voice that can change society for a greater good,” Klimax said.

He further disclosed that Warner Chandie is the label’s first artist.

“Beyond Music is an idea that we thought of and we are working on making it happen. Warner Chandie is our first project artist,” Beyond Music cofounder highlighted.


Harold Kapindu

Harold Kapindu is an award winning online arts and entertainment journalist based in Lilongwe, Malawi. He has previously worked with Malawi News Agency and Timveni Child and Youth Organization. Contact

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