King Kananji – End of an Error part 2 (Third Eye Diss Lyrics)

I body bodies for hobbies this nigga getting sloppy
Called your industry friends but still you couldn’t stop me
Got your dates mixed up numbers have BEEN your problem
That whole marketing plan’s looking a little sloppy
Nah nah… I am not the one to fuck with
Spent too long at the bottom watching disgusted
As your so called GOAT
Was entrusted and given the game
Decades later what can he claim?
What have we gain besides name calling and twitter beefs
Half baked deals
And a nigga seeking celebrity?
Was his hip hop poppin?
Did his niggas eat?
Did you actually do anything that you speak on beats?
I’m mean the only thing you ever feed is your ego,
you claim your for the people
Same breath claim you have no equal
I don’t understand
Help me understand
I mean your own brother is a fan
You a fucking fan nigga.
Four features to prove it
I’ve had you on one, take that information and use it.
If “having and losing” was a person they’d laughing at you
Those wack bars should’ve stayed in the stu’
I’m not through

3 eyes couldn’t see me coming
Legend dead and buried there is no discussion
Very necessary
Had to end the suffering
In 7 years time you won’t matter muthafucka!
Lemme chill
Nigga Lemme chill
Gotta get em trapped before you get em killed
Heard you got no Joy from the Radio
It’s 2021, who the fuck listens to Rediyo?

Support black business you bad business
That app is a cap
I ain’t with it
Try to bring up my dad it ain’t sticking
You wanna talk politics
Lets talk business
How many different ways that 50k gotta go to repayments
Showing receipts but ain’t showing us statements
Ain’t making them one either
A fraud and a diva
Nobody believe ya
A couch surfer, hobo,  passenger seater.
Let me be nigga let me be
I just love rapping please dont make me a celebrity
I just wanna steadily, merrily smoke celery
Chilling with my Soulamp camp
Bumping some melodies
You make it hard on your friends
Heard your weak shit now they gots to pretend
I dont bend I dont break
Is you kidding?
You want it you get it
Broke as your verses you living on credit
I dead/debt it!

3 eyes couldn’t see me coming
Legend dead and buried there is no  discussion
Very necessary
Had to end the suffering
In 24hr time you won’t matter muthafucka!

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