Blaqpen – Flaws Freestyle Lyrics

(Ayo Kings)
called Painkiller
Ya’ll already know what the game is but I guess you just don’t know what the name is ait!!
This is money heist and game of thrones combined
You’re stepping on an elephants edge boy read your lines Visualize
this is something you’ve never tried
you’re talking of something mdubz never seen like skeeing on ice
You probably know my nextline is gon be nice
I didn’t mean to rhyme with the top one
but I guess it’s alright
Now set your ears straight
tell your teacher to put this to pen and listen to peyne
I’m the one that’s causing you pain
i drop intangible bars I’m in line with the Stars
most of you rappers think you shiny but your light is fireflies
you need a thousand of you atleast to beam like this
beat sitiyisiyasiya,mfana timayikhalira
like a girl with a bigbutt olo mpando umafila
We never make love to a beat we just caress it and leave it
as long as we know that the moment that we havin is vivid
I’m so rigid
you ain’t even thinking I’m faking
Now listen
I take a shot from a distance without looking but Inever miss a single inch I’m a lookie here
who you looking at

They call me King Kong where im from boy is belingual
Im the next episode here ineyo ndi zanyimbo
ati ine nyimbo sindilemba,zanga ndimapenta
there’s no way you’re comparing bigfish ndi kapenta
I’m never outa bars ngati ma bus pa Kapenga
Ndine vendor chilichose umumu ndimatenga
Dare cross my line ngati ukufuna kudyedwa
I spitt heroical rhymes on these beats I’m an avenger
Lone ranger-I’m the one doing the main job

You can’t stand tall and walk shoulder to shoulder with me
Classically they specify me as a beast In this
and that is gist I suggest you by ain’t that deep
I’m a pope in this religion you’re a church deacon
Despite the Stars here Blaqpeyne is a rap icon

You don’t wanna mess with a lion ein if it is sleeping
this ain’t no cat gee what the hell do you think u thinking
ma bars mmangogwetsa ngati ndakatulo
palibe angaletse zoti Ife ndakadaulo
afana ophweketsa amangokweza mataulo
kuona ngati ali kutulo
we drop bars till you shake your heads up ngati agulo
we wear the crown before the inauguration ceremony
I’m the one that’s here to mess your reputation can’t ignore me
I’m the one that’s called the big boy I got bars on me
last of a dying breed
kudza mwadzidzi pamalopa ngati Interpol
ma rappers ose obwera mwa deal pano athapo
I’m so extraordinary
flows military I’m solitary
zomwe ndimaimba mfana sungapange tally
Gulewamkulu sangafane ndichimtali
zanuzo ndi zazimayi
ngati Cyclone mphwanga ine ndi patali
simungatolepo kanthu ndine madzi otayika
simungaphulepo kanthu ndine nsembe yospyeleza
cold Peynekiller that’s the name you should remember though
if I’m settling down here ndemutsegula mmimba dawg
I’m cold hearted and warm blooded but hot handed
You can’t come close to me bwoiy iam a tough subject

men everybody doin flaws here I call mine flawless


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