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Some Sick Bars from Hayze Engola

1~ They tryna see your moves but they cant coz your sh**t is camouflaged when you cut from a different cloth

2~I say stay in your lane, most of these rappers is dumb drivers.

3~Sorry mama, i have been a Bad Boy but my role model is Diddy

4) There is two number 1’s , me and Classick, 11

5) I am hotter than where Sinners Go

6) If a nigga talk shit, amma hang him like Saddam, whosaying (Hussein) shit

7)Get Rush Hour money nigga, Juntaooos!😎 I am in this bish niggaa…..foetus!

9) I bet time move different, for a nigga with a Rolex/ Cant walk in my shoes, nigga get your own Jordans

10) I am a Gunner with these 16’s like Ramsey back in 2014, am a fan’s favorite.


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