[Lyrics] KYC Nyimbo – 48 Piece Flaws Freestyle


M dub waddup,
This what been waiting for ait?
Kyc Nyimbo, chek this

Sit back relax, imma make you hear raps//
On my Eminem mode bro let me drop a relapse//
Used to come behind you cuz i was facing the hiccups//
Now am bout to speed up like the bunch of pick-ups//

GD told Phyzo put KYC on a feature//
Cuz the boy is a beast, he’s something like a creature//
Now am bout to prove it so that y’all can picture//
Am a self-learned mulfucker i dont need a teacher//

They used to say i couldn’t do it but fuck it i made it//
Now like TNM and Airtel, they gimme the credit//
They put me on the test but am passing with a merit//
100k’s on my mind its a must that i nail it//

Even though that i don’t do it for the money//
Koma nkhope ya Chilembwe ndindani angaikane//
Chilembwe’s got power though he under 6 feet//
A ghetto yut has to grind just to make some ends meet//

Coronavirus era, surviving by a mask//
Ndimmapanga zoshuphitsa fans and them ask//
Mfanayu ndindani akutipatsa ma task//
Am the managing director every word is a must//

U cant kill me or chop me on a beat u just a rapper//
Only person that gets part of my body chopped is a Barber//
Mafana muchilapa, thukuta kunkhwapa//
Sine Tay Grin simumva za Chipapa//

Anyway, sindikudisser, ndangomenya ka teaser//
Koma ghetto yut pena amafuna kudyako Pizza//
Avaye ku debonaires, kaya ku KFC//
Nde osamampasa mayesero ngati MSCE//

Eeh akundiwerenga ngati ndine newspaper//
Ndikasanja ndimazipepesa kuti maluzi pepa//
Ma guy eni Gin, ma babe eni Baddo//
Cuz am the one covering us ngati Mwado//
Yeah am the one covering ASS ngati mwado//

Check this
I keep it professional, Skills international//
Got love for the game I ain’t gon’ leave its too emaotional//
U cant step in my shoes u having a fake notion//
Taste me at your own risk am giving you a caution//

Claiming to be the best when u know i got the game up//
Your girl showing love since the day she knew i came up//
But i don’t show love to people who never did//
Farmers who come to haverst where they never put a seed//

Man screw these other rappers i don’t even recognize them//
I came up on this shit to internationally surprise them//
They say they cooking beefs when they done i need to spice them//
They spitting 2 Chains rymes tell’em i can Nas em//

Professional Emcee i don’t go for punchlines//
That really aint making sense if u think u might rise//
With the punches that u spitting u telling yourself lies//
I go deep on these beats like people inside mines//

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