About “The Game Zikwanje Versus” Between Hyphen and Third Eye

By Chigomezgo Chimilamawe Ngulube..

To be frank, this is a good development. There is a lot of money on the table for the winner. As matter of fact, Hip-hop industry everywhere in the world needs these kind of ingredients to spice it up a little bit.

HipHop is nothing without some noise. Hiphop needs to get people buzzing, who is good and who is not? Who is the king? Battles are part of Hip-hop. They are the the heart which keep the game breathing, pumping the energy throughout the game.

The root where the HipHop seed grew from. Alot of HipHop legends we know today grew their art from street Verzuz to stardom. That’s HipHop. Hence this is a good development.

However, I am not contented with one thing. The criteria they will use to choose who will get the bag, thats the thing. They have said who has alot of hits? This makes the Verzuz obvious. Not trying to disrespect King Third Eye, but if this is the criteria then he will fight a losing battle. We all know Hyphen has dropped hits which have had an earthquake effect on Malawi.

 Hyphen during his Young Kay Days he couldn’t just stop releasing hits. These were songs which everyone related to, no matter the background.

Let’s look at Third Eye. Third Eye has been releasing songs which were just appearing to people whom I can call real hip hop lovers. People who believe that they are all HipHop, they fuck with HipHop all day every day. A hit song is a song which is widely accepted, nationally.

I remember knowing King Third Eye because of “Deep” on touching base. That was all. While ask other people who are into HipHop they will tell you that they knew him before that.

Therefore, what I am trying to imply is the Third Eye and Hyphen Versus should have been based on another criteria rather than the who has alot of HITS Criteria.

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