Every hip hop enthusiast must know the Classick story

For the sake of those who do not, I will try to explain briefly from my own perspective.

I knew Classick when he was still in the now disbanded Homegrown Africa. To be exact, this is the first song I heard from them….
“I am that leader that is greedy, I am his people that are needy
I am that human thats in traffic , see I wonder why they sell me”

Homegrown Africa was considered as one of the best Rap Duos Malawi has never seen. Between them, they released a couple of hit songs such “Radio” and “T.I.A” and have a collection “Blantyre Blues”.

Unfortunately the group disbanded for reasons not yet known and each member decided to focus on solo careers.

As a solo artist, I came to notice Classick when he released “Bola Kunthazi” and what a song that was🔥🙌🏿. I loved the way his flow went effortlessly, it just felt natural for him to rap. His other Songs include “Not my Type” ft Third Eye, “Not for too long” and “Anaconda”. Classick has three collections I am aware of, “Fans and Friends”, “Pisces EP”, and a three songs compilation which is a recent project from him.

Classick has been praised by well known names in the music industry, including the late Kenny Klips who described him as the best emcee of this generation.

In 2015, MTV did a poll on Twitter to find out who owned Malawi. Guess who was crowned the King👑 of Malawi Hip Hop? Classick….. And many will still argue that he is among the greatest in the land.

No doubt, Classick is about to drop an album, we do not know when but we know he is cooking something which will be served to us really soon. We can not wait!!!

Happy Birthday to one of the Greatest Rappers Malawi has never seen.


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