[music video] Mkatimo Video Analysis

Visuals: Quality high resolution pictures. 8/10…

Location: Night life highlights capturing both the LL and BTz club scenery.. In line with overall message in the video. 8/10

Concept: A bit lacking from the creatives. They didn’t go above and beyond to produce something extraordinary. It’s rather flat and Mivuwu ilimonso yochepa my video yi. 6/10

Timing: It was long overdue.. We expected this much earlier on. There was also less hype around the release… Biggest mistake was postponing the initial date they were supposed to release the video.5/10

Overall rating (just the video): 6.5/10.

Watch on link below

Martse ft Hyphen & BarryUno Mkatimo Official 4k Visual

Harvey Mzati

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