Martse is a serial hit maker!!!

Hate him or love him but Martse is a certified hit maker. For over 10 years now, the Likuni based star has been dishing us with hit after hit.

Talk of Mwano, Zikomo, Grace Chi, Adidas, Sober, Mkatimo just to mention a few. It’s like he has an ear for good music like Kanye West.

His latest release Ma luv will also go down as a hit. Martse took a very big risk to ride on a trend that is almost dead now and made something amazing out of it.

Riding trends is not an easy thing. It can make or break an artist. Remember when Phyzix and Wakisa James flopped with their “paground sipali bho” trend?

However, Martse has defied the odds and delivered a song which with the right amount of promotion can displace Mkatimo as song of the year.. Lol… The song of the year bit is far fetched but the Va ma luv you can die song is a hit. Big up Martse.


Harvey Mzati

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