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If Gwamba, Freddo, Phyzo, Tay Grin & Hyphen came together and invested in one record lebel with reliable music distribution and promotion skills with professional marketing and artist branding, with their experience, reputation and connections in the industry it wouldn’t take more than 2 years for Malawi music to make a major break through across the continent.

Honestly I feel like unity is the only way and the beefs will always be there, that’s just part of the entertainment but you could do more for the game than twerking contests and airtime sharing.

Gwamba gave out a couple free videos to very promising artists last year it started well but it hasn’t been productive. no promotion, no distribution just beautiful videos with nowhere to go with them. We know he has money to spend and waste and it’s His but the things he could do for the game are unimaginable if properly implemented.

Phyzix on the other hand, I should recommend how he supports young and upcoming acts by working with them and bringing different versatile artists together all for the love of the game and expansion. I recognise him as the hardest working old school artist of his generation not to be compared with Gwamba who I recognise as the most Inspiring artist of both the old school and new school.

I commend Freddo for his admirable and exemplary initiatives of putting and keeping many students in schools whether it’s just for political affiliation or not, it’s really motivational but ghetto ghatta entertainment has been established for a while now and haven’t proven fruitful or added any value to the music industry with all the resources and attributes at his disposal he is doing the least for game.

Hyphen as the original king of Malawi hip hop is the one artist I personally blame for the slow pace our hip hop scene is on. Hyphen was supposed to be the hip hop guru of Malawi but I don’t really know how he fell off and became a legend too soon when everything used to be in his favour.

Tay Grin’s international influence and endorsements would benefit the game enormously if only he didn’t make everything about himself. His blend of different cultures and formidable class and style is the kind the game should embrace and learn from but he needs to learn to work for the common interest to reach out to many potentials and give back to the community in a healthy and more serious manner making real differences and changes.

I’m sure they would go down as the Music Pioneers of this generation and it would be of more meaning in the history of our music industry. Za ‘Ine ndi Ine’ zi sizingatipindulile.

Less show offs more ground work. Industry yathu yi siinafike poti oimba azizifila kwambiri. It’s still in the dirt but it’s diamonds.Real unity not just on pictures and on media.

Music did a lot for you, You gotta give back and bring real effectiveness. God bless you all.

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