By C.C Ngulube

Decorated with multi-awards. Having remained relevant in a music career which spuns over a decade. Arguably, Gwamba is the best Hip-Hop artist in the country in terms of success.

A lot was said when he announced about his intention to hopscotch from being a secular to a Gospel musician.

Shadows of doubts were casted on his continued prowess in the Hip-Hop game – at large the local music industry. Boasting of a secular music career embellished with a line up of hit songs like ‘Ndiyima Pachulu’, ‘Nabola Kusache’, ‘Sindingasiye Bowa’ and many others, maybe it was understandable for those who loved his music to question his idea.

Others went as far as to being Prophets and Prophetesses of doom, visioning this as the end of his music career.

But to everyone’s surprise, his very first Hip-Hop Gospel song ‘Better’ was a hit song. The song on its maiden day on it amassed 5000+ downloads.

The very first song to reach this milestone then on the platform. He proved us wrong.

Now it seems he has got even better at proving people wrong.

The flamboyant rapper now has two songs to his credit, which he has featured well known international acts (ie Emtee and Mlindo) and the most interesting part about both of these songs – his lyrics in all verses are in the local Chichewa language. Who said you can not go international with local Chichewa?

Gwamba has remained true to himself and to his music style. His rap flows are branded that I am sure you can not miss a Gwamba flow.

Gwamba has gone on to challenge all of us as a nation, he has shown that we can tap in from the initiatives he has taken as Malawians.

Gwamba has proven to us that it is not every time we have to wait on donors to help us achieve some ventures, on our own we can do it. With the little resources he has as an individual, Gwamba has managed to be a founder and sponsor of the inaugural Malawi Hip-Hop awards scheduled to be staged this November. The first of its kind in Malawi.

It is not a secret, the level Gwamba has reached now is that of a father figure for many artists.

He is an inspiration to many up and coming rappers, a true testimony that every height can be reached with hard work and determination. It is this time many are looking up at him as a symbol of success in the local rap game.

Amid a surge in calls from artist to music lovers to start buying and valuing art, Gwamba has been exemplary in doing so. Gwamba has bought almost every album and Extended Play (EP) which has been released recently.

This gesture should not be taken for granted. Art is like any other job and thus needs incentives to motivate artist to keep on crafting their work to perfection.

What I have said in this article is just a tip of an iceberg on philaphropic works Gwamba has taken under his wing.

The rapper is reportedly involved in a myriad of other initiatives aiming at promoting up and coming musicians such as the project he is currently working with Ubwino the Videographer.

Having reached this point, all I can say is Bravo Gwambuzi, continue the good work.

MRB Reporter

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