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Sangie : Talented But?

Sangie is arguably one of the best female musicians in Malawi. I have put musician not dancehall artist for a reason .

Her talent cannot be constrained in a singular description. Sangie can literally do any type of music. Hip Hop , Reggae etc.

One powerful tool that Sangie possesses is her voice . Sangie has a powerful voice. Deep. Her voice has that depth akin to the likes of Adele, Rihanna. And gosh , she has such control and can pull different type of notes.Her weakness is that she is not very creative.

Her song writing abilities are not as colossal as her voice. For an artist of her caliber, Sangie has very few hit songs. Not more than five. Last year, she only had one song that was enjoying airwaves.

That good joint with Saint- beautiful tune I must say . Sangie is someone that needs a writer .

I feel a writer can do her a great deal . Otherwise Sangie can save us from this excruciating pain of listening to the likes of Toriah and Temwa.Save us sis! Get that Ghost writer !


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