Quick Takeaways from the Daredevils album

1) Versatility- The Daredevils have range. They can do it all. Gangsta Hip Hop. Dark Hip Hop. Romantic Hip Hop.

2) Marcus was serious. For the past years, Marcus’s raps were too comedic for most hip hop heads. In this album, he was serious with his raps. Dude really went to his bilingual skill set.

3) Top Quality production- The Daredevils are really dons in production. The beats are smooth. Vocals clear.

4) The Daredevils are ardent fans of all sorts of music. This is evidenced in their sampling. In tracks like “How I feel” , the guys sampled the legendary Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good’ vocals. Their track “Just the Three of Us” draws its inspiration from the legendary Grover Washington’s ‘Just thetwo of Us’.

5) The Daredevilz are good at Hip Hop Gospel. Amandikonda is a very beautiful gospel tune.

6) GD is one of the best hook masters in Mdubz. Hooks on steroids in this album.

7) Phyzix and the Daredevilz is a better lovestory than Twilight. The immense growth of Phyzix whenever he is working with the Daredevils is evidenced in “Let me Go”. Phyzix delivered an incredible verse.

8) After all is said is done, Hip Hop wins. The Album has had massive reception. The Demand and buzz around it is unreal.Quick thoughts as we dissect and enjoy this beauty.


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